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Please see below for a link to the updated Nursing Facility Provider Handbook for Nebraska.

Nursing Facility Provider Handbook


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NE PASRR Provider Portal End-to-End Guide


New! NE PASRR - How to Change Your Password 2021

New! NE PASRR - How to Add a New User 2021

New! Admission and Discharge Process for Nursing Homes

New!  MFA Comprehensive User Guide 

Recorded Webinars

NE PASRR Recorded Training _Registration (4 minutes)

NE PASRR Recorded Training Account Management (4 minutes)

Please email us at to request the password for the live recorded webinars found here.  

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Attended a NE PASRR Kepro training?  Please let us know how we did and ways we could improve via the link below.  Thank you!

Nebraska PASRR - Kepro Training Evaluation Survey

Provider Trainings

Trainings Dates/Times for Providers:

Kepro provides ongoing PASRR Level I and Level II trainings on the first Wednesday of every month.  Please email us for a link to the webinar.  Recordings of these trainings can be found here.  Please contact us if you need the password.

First Wednesdays:  12:00pm - 1:00pm Central

Please email us at to request an invite to the above trainings, individualized technical assistance, or to request the password for the live recorded webinars found here.  

Additional State Resources and Contact Information

Please click below for a link to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website for additional information on PASRR:

Link to 471 NAC 12, Effective 12/23/2020:

471 NAC 12

Nebraska Health Care Association (NEHCA)



Phone:  402-435-3351

Contact Name: Cindy Kadavy

LeadingAge Nebraska:


Information about Kepro

Kepro is Nebraska’s Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) vendor. Since January 1, 2021 hospitals and nursing homes have been successfully using Kepro’s provider portal to complete PASRR Level I screenings and to request PASRR Level II evaluations and determinations.  The process is completely electronic and provides for instant Level I results and timely Level II outcomes. Kepro will continue providing comprehensive training to assist agency, hospital, and nursing home staff in registering for provider portal access, managing user accounts, completing Level I screenings and facilitating Level II requests.  Please see below for training dates and times.  For questions, Kepro can be reached by email at